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since effector 22.0.0

core team recommends use sample instead


Since effector 20.4.0

Method for conditional event routing. It provides a way to control one dataflow with the help of another: when the condition and the data are in different places, we can use guard with stores as filters to trigger events when condition state is true, thereby modulate signals without mixing them.


guard({ clock?, source?, filter, target? }): target

Either clock or source is required

When clock is triggered, check filter for truthy and call target with data from source if true.

  • If clock is not passed, guard will be triggered on every source update
  • If source is not passed, call target with data from clock
  • If target is not passed, create Event with type of source and return it from guard()
  • If filter is Store, check it value for truthy
  • If filter is Function, call it with data from source and check result for truthy

clock in guard is available since effector 21.8.0

guard({source, filter, target?})


  1. params (Object): Configuration object


Event, which fires upon clock trigger


import {createStore, createEffect, createEvent, guard} from 'effector'

const clickRequest = createEvent()
const fetchRequest = createEffect(
n => new Promise(rs => setTimeout(rs, 2500, n)),

const $clicks = createStore(0).on(clickRequest, x => x + 1)
const $requestsCount = createStore(0).on(fetchRequest, x => x + 1)

const $isIdle = => !pending)

1. on clickRequest
2. if $isIdle is true
3. take current $clicks value
4. and call fetchRequest with it
clock: clickRequest /* 1 */,
filter: $isIdle /* 2 */,
source: $clicks /* 3 */,
target: fetchRequest /* 4 */,

See ui visualization

Also, guard accepts a common function predicate as filter, to drop events before forwarding them to target

Example 2

import {createEffect, createEvent, guard} from 'effector'

const submitForm = createEvent()
const searchUser = createEffect()

source: submitForm,
filter: user => user.length > 0,
target: searchUser,

submitForm('') // nothing happens
submitForm('alice') // ~> searchUser('alice')

Try it

guard(source, {filter: booleanStore})


  1. source (Store/Event/Effect): Source unit. Will trigger given guard on updates
  2. filter (Store): Filter store


import {createEvent, createStore, createApi, guard} from 'effector'

const trigger = createEvent()
const $unlocked = createStore(true)

const {lock, unlock} = createApi($unlocked, {
lock: () => false,
unlock: () => true,

const target = guard(trigger, {
filter: $unlocked,
trigger('B') // nothing happens

Try it

guard(source, {filter: predicate})


  1. source (Store/Event/Effect): Source unit. Will trigger given guard on updates
  2. filter ((payload) => Boolean): Predicate function, should be pure

Example 2

import {createEvent, guard} from 'effector'

const source = createEvent()
const target = guard(source, {
filter: x => x > 0,
}) => {
console.log('target called')

// nothing happens
// target called

Try it