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Prior Art


  • Functional Pearl. Weaving a Web [pdf] Ralf Hinze and Johan Jeuring
  • A graph model of data and workflow provenance [pdf]
    Umut Acar, Peter Buneman, James Cheney, Jan Van den Bussche, Natalia Kwasnikowska and Stijn Vansummeren
  • An Applicative Control-Flow Graph Based on Huet’s Zipper [pdf]
    Norman Ramsey and Joao Dias
  • Elm: Concurrent FRP for Functional GUIs [pdf]
    Evan Czaplicki
  • Inductive Graphs and Functional Graph Algorithms [pdf]
    Martin Erwig
  • Notes on Graph Algorithms Used in Optimizing Compilers [pdf]
    Carl D. Offner
  • Backtracking, Interleaving, and Terminating Monad Transformers [pdf]
    Oleg Kiselyov, Chung-chieh Shan, Daniel P. Friedman and Amr Sabry
  • Typed Tagless Final Interpreters [pdf] Oleg Kiselyov