Asosiy tarkibga o'tish


First of all, to avoid any misconceptions and get better developer experience for all of us. This document contains several pretty simple rules to keep consistency between different projects written on effector.

Stores naming

Your stores should be distinguished by a $. Will you make it as a prefix either postfix - doesn't really matter. This should be done to have a better search experience in your IDE.

const $user = createStore({})

Effect naming

Your effects should be postfixed by the Fx postfix. It will let you differentiate your effects from the events.

const fetchUserFx = createEffect(async () => {
const res = await fetch('my pretty url')
return res.json()

Event naming

There is no any real preferred rules on that. But the proposal is to name events, which directly trigger store updates like it has already done in the past.

const emailChanged = createEvent()

$user.on(emailChanged, (state, email) => {